Online Qualitative Research
DataPrompt International is dedicated to developing cost-efficient, groundbreaking approaches to online qualitative research, analysis and reporting. We offer a variety of online qualitative research options, such as focus groups, in-depth interviewing, dyads and triads.
Online focus groups
Our breakthrough methodology enables geographically representative respondents to participate in online focus groups. This unique, online platform gathers data from multiple touch points, including multimedia whiteboards, chat boxes and integrated surveys
Strategic recruitment
DataPrompt International deploys stringent screening criteria, such as custom-developed screeners, to recruit qualified respondents online, over the phone or in-person. We also have access to custom online panels and multiple sample sources to ensure the data collected is from your study’s target audience
Experienced moderators and interviewers
Our in-house moderators and interviewers have a better understanding of technical and marketing concerns (surrounding the product or service being researched), which enables them to have more focused. DataPrompt International’s professional project management and field staff have the specialized skills and experience required to obtain valid, useful responses across all types of qualitative research, including executive and multilingual interviewing
Multicultural and international qualitative research
We have extensive experience conducting multinational qualitative and quantitative research across over 30 countries. Our strong network of multilingual interviewers and moderators has in-depth knowledge of a variety of industries
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