Collecting data is just the first step in delivering targeted market research. Knowing how to manage and interpret what is collected is the second critical step. DataPrompt International’s advanced analytics and web content/secondary research services offer unparalleled insights into market data, adding value where you need it most.
Our advanced solutions enable us to handle high-volume data entry accurately and professionally, capturing verbatim answers and meeting all data capture requirements. Our experienced team is adept at alpha-numeric data entry, as well as scanning, automated data capture and missing data capture (FAQs software). We also offer expert open-ended coding, semi-open ends, manual and automated coding (Ascribe).
At DataPrompt International, we verify 100 percent of data and conduct consistency checking to ensure quality. We also offer statistical testing and weighting of data, such as significance testing and t-testing.
We work in all standard data formats, including Word, Excel, ASCII, SPSS and SAS, and data processing formats including Quantum, SPSS, SAS, WinCross and Quanvert DB. The cleaned, verified data is then electronically transferred to the client through secure FTP access links.
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