(IQ)²: Online Platform for Qualitative/Quantitative Research
Cutting-edge, online hybrid solution for qualitative/quantitative insights…
from your target audience located anywhere in the world.
(IQ)²™ – Interactive Insight from Qualitative/Quantitative – optimizes data collection efficiencies by combining qualitative and quantitative research into one online project. (IQ)²’s online platform is ideal for developing and testing concepts, positioning, advertisements, messages names and other marketing elements among your target audience – whether they are located in one metro area, two states or across three continents.
Some of the core benefits of (IQ)² are:
  • Seamlessly gathers feedback from representative respondents located anywhere in the world
  • Optimizes insight through a balance of qualitative (e.g., online focus groups, in-depth interviews, dyads , triads) and quantitative research
  • Integrated, self-administered online surveys help to reduce group bias
  • Real-time data from integrated surveys and quick turnaround of qualitative results
Keep respondents engaged with multimedia-rich surveys
EveryWare's cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates multimedia, such as advertisements, videos and/or websites, directly into the survey while preprogrammed, automated skip patterns ensure that the interactive survey is easy to use. These advances in survey structure and design have increased the engagement level with the interviewee while also decreasing the time and cost per survey.
Swiftly deploy surveys and receive real-time reports
Thanks to EveryWare’s technological design, DataPrompt is able to rapidly bring your project from survey design to the field. 3G connectivity allows the interviewers retrieve any new or modified questionnaires on the fly, thereby decreasing change costs and nearly eliminating down time. The uninterrupted Internet coverage also allows the interviewers to directly transfer validated data to DataPrompt immediately after each interview. As the surveys are submitted, our Advanced Analytics Team will be standing by to crunch the data and provide meaningful, real-time reports.
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