DataPrompt International’s philosophy is driven by a simple but significant understanding that our clients depend on us for cutting-edge research to better enable them to make strategic business decisions.
It is this responsibility – of being a strategic business enabler – that is the cornerstone of our core values: quality, integrity and responsiveness.
With 100% commitment to speed, accuracy and cost control, DataPrompt International consistently offers high-quality, cost-effective and client-focused services. To that end, we are a member of several marketing research organizations dedicated to quality control, including MRA, CASRO and ESOMAR.
Our strict quality control standards ensure that you receive the highest quality data and service. Our Gold Star Quality Initiative™ is spearheaded by experienced field supervisors and a dedicated Quality Coordinator. Under this proactive initiative, a minimum of 10 percent of all interviews are reviewed for both the quality of the data collected and the interviewer conducting the interview.
At DataPrompt International, we adhere to stringent processes that ensure greater credibility and reliability of findings. Our 100 percent data verification practices find and correct data entry errors, and our complete table reviews eliminate processing errors.
We also edit open-ends as completed for consistency, record verbatim responses from 33 percent to 100 percent of questionnaires before developing code schemes, and provide detailed code schemes for client approval. We provide data in your choice of format (e.g., SPSS, Excel, SAS, Access, ASCII, column binary) and deliver it electronically or in hard copy — whichever you prefer.
Our optimal value model includes competitive offshore costs coupled with the quality and speed expected from leading on-shore firms.
Our in-house facilities, leading-edge technology and large, well-trained team provide 24/7 capabilities that enable us to provide among the fastest response times in the industry.
DataPrompt International delivers quality research you can rely on, in a format that you can use. It’s that simple.
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