About Us
DataPrompt International is a global knowledge process outsourcing and consulting firm specializing in market research and analytics that help clients discover insights, enabling faster and better decision making.
Our clients are present across the globe and we provide 24 by 7 client servicing and operations support.
Our services include marketing research, analytics, big data, consulting companies and our expertise in analyses spans across verticals like: banking & financial services; insurance & healthcare; life sciences; manufacturing, retail, distribution & logistics; media, entertainment, leisure & travel; communication, energy & utilities; federal government; and independent software vendors. Know more here
With 24 years of global research experience, our diversified, well-trained and motivated talent pool of over 250 associates work to deliver solutions based around a mature global delivery model to clients across the Americas, Europe- Middle East-Africa and Asia-Pacific.
Our unwavering focus on process improvement and development and use of state-of-the-art research tools, makes DataPrompt International a trusted research partner of over 100 clients and several of the world’s leading companies in marketing research, analytics, consulting companies., making us one of the most dynamic and highly adaptable knowledge services company.
DataPrompt International operates from its global operations facility in Chennai, India while leveraging its international headquarters in Chicago as well as its network of field partners (WIN/GIA members) based in 66 countries across the globe.
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